Opportunity for investors and Entrepreneurs

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3 min readFeb 22, 2021


A new chance for investors and entrepreneurs in the Afobusiness web it can be found in the social networks such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram channel.

The Afobusiness Entrepreneur will be able to publish its project as well as to offer a proposal to the investors looking for help through donations, loans or partnerships.

Afobusiness will be offering a wide range of services directed to entrepreneurs that will help to improve as well as to develop their project, in that way there will be a tracking of the entrepreneur’s work achieving a supervision of the project guaranteeing that the entrepreneur keeps working constantly in order to compensate the capital and winnings of the investors.

The investor in Afobusiness participates in the projects of their choice.

What does the investor look for in Afobusiness?

The investor wants to help an entrepreneur to begin with his project, in this occasion usually the investors provide a gift or donation from 5$ and up, so the entrepreneur can begin its project with the help of the Afobusiness services.

Loans: Directed to projects in progress that already generate earnings and are selling a product or a sechoic. Wonderful for investors that want to create a savings system as well as to generate earnings monthly.

Partnership: Directed to Angel investors, usually investors with great capital or investment funds representatives, these investors look for a peecentage from 20% to 30% of the project or some other changeable options depending on the needs of the entrepreneur’s project.

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Collective equity fund: in all the former ways of investment. Participate big amounts of people in order to achieve the goal of financing the projects, in what refers to partnerships the participation of stocks is distributed among the participants.

How do the inverstors and entrepreneurs interact?

Throug messaging in our web

Zoom or Google meet, investment rounds where the entrepreneur shows its project, asks for the amount of money as well as the investment policies, in order to reach an agreement with the investors that want to participate.

Investors that maintain our membership, Angel investors have the chance of making a private video-conference with the entrepreneur that owns the membership.

Afo entrepreneur: both sides have the chance of improving the negotiation even to come to an agreement on site in order to improve the trust.

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